Charlan prior to being renovated

When we purchased Charlan in July 2007, Charlan was 80% complete.  We needed to finish off the interior and garden area – mostly decorating, varnishing, staining shutters, the finishing touches, along with planting more flowers, shrubs, roses in the garden and putting the patio around the pool and adding the terrace area beside the courtyard.  We have also installed 2 new wood burners, one in the kitchen and one in the office.  Owning a character house, there is always something to do.  It is never ending, but a rewarding job knowing that you are preserving the life of a 300+ year house.   On our Autumn 2012 list – paint the window frames and the other half has just finished staining the outside wood and beams above our master bedroom balcony.  We did gloss them when we first moved in, but being a south facing house, the sun is always directly on them.

Here are a few pictures of Charlan prior to restoration.  As you can see she was quite a ruin!  Not lived in since the 1940’s.  Quite scary!

In the next couple of posts I will add photos of Charlan’s restoration during 2004 and 2005.